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Spend within Your Paycheck Limits

Posted By: Mark Reynolds, | Posted In: Blog
Spend within Budget

Stick to a Specified Budget – Easier Said than Done?

Do you feel like you’re stuck within the nasty circle of over-spending your budget? How do you save for asset allocation? Breaking the habits is challenging, but definitely possible!

1 – Cut Your Paycheck – Pretend your salary is less than it really is. You can start with putting a small amount of your paycheck away whether it’s for your upcoming holiday or for a new smart phone. Contact your bank and set-up a weekly/ monthly transfer to make it work.

2 – Generate a budget Use the budget planners that are available on the market as well as smart phone applications that are downloaded totally free of charge, to track your expenses and incomes.

3 – Build an emergency fund

We all have unexpected expenses at one stage or another. House repairs/ medical issues, and more. Building an emergency fund to have that cash available when you need it is vital. The emergency fund will assist you in spending within your budget, once that unplanned expense pops into your life. Besides having an emergency fund to pay for unexpected cash expenses, you can also use this time to setup a monthly budget to get your finances in order

Find and implement the key steps and actions to maintain your budgets!

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